Mosaik is a derivative of the word Mosaic whose dictionary meaning is “a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass”. Mosaic Theory is an analytical process that involves collecting and analyzing information from a range of sources in order to determine the underlying value of a company.

Srinivas Vishnubhatla
Founder and CEO

Formerly with KPMG Forensic in New York, Srini has extensive experience in assisting clients manage risks of globalization, digitization, and complex regulations.  For over 15 years, he has assisted global clients in preventing, detecting and responding to a range of financial crime issues in the US, Asia and Africa.

Whilst with KPMG, he also program managed the development of a global knowledge base of industry fraud schemes, indicia and analytical test procedures.

Prior to KPMG he was a part of a due diligence information services startup that was subsequently acquired by Thompson Reuters. A graduate of India’s premier National Defence Academy, he has had a career spanning 13 years in infantry and military intelligence. | linkedin

Sitesh Sinha
Chief Financial Officer

Sitesh has worked on numerous assignments pertaining to business and financial restructuring, fund raising, commercial due diligence and business intelligence.

A professional having 15+ years’ experience with Big 4, investment banks and corporates, Sitesh is adept in strategizing and implementing growth road map, conceptualizing and implementing prudent financial processes and policies.

Having worked closely with companies in both manufacturing and services space, helping them in growth and stress scenarios, Sitesh has developed a nuanced understanding of value drivers of companies in different stages of its life cycle. | linkedin

Vig Kannan
Chief Product Officer

With over 12 years of experience in technology development and consulting in the BFSI industry, Vig has extensive experience in product development, database management, user experience and interface design, and quality assurance.

Prior to joining Mosaik, Vig was the founder of a travel tech start-up. He revels in questioning the status quo and thoroughly enjoys the process of creative problem-solving. | linkedin


Karunesh Singh
Chief Operating Officer

Karunesh Singh has an overall 5 years of experience in research and advisory focused roles across multiple domains such as market research, consumer behavior, due diligence, business intelligence, information risk, corporate investigations, data and knowledge management and business process automation. Applying his reasoning and investigative skills of drawing insights from process-based research in real life situations he has consulted medium enterprises in areas ranging from procurement, sales, risk management and business development. | linkedin


Sundar K
Chief Technology Officer

Sundar K began his career in 2003 as a humble PHP programmer. Over the next 13 years, he went on to explore PeopleSoft, Openbravo, eCommerce, mobility, running a business, leading people, devising business strategy and ended up learning that “How big a heart you wear matters more than your knowledge, position or power”. | linkedin




Deepak Ramesh
Consulting Architect

Deepak Ramesh is an entrepreneur with a passion for finding elegant technology solutions to business problems. In the past he has been an independent contractor and has also founded other companies in a wide variety of spaces such as Software Services, Technology Consulting, ERP and media distribution. During the course of this journey he has become proficient in multiple platforms and technologies. | linkedin