Mosaik’s Early Warning Platform (EWP) has been designed with the objective to minimize the inherent information asymmetry between lenders and borrowers. It enables early identification of potential problems by providing incipient signals of stress in borrower accounts. Timely identification enhances the actionable event horizon thereby improving the ability of lenders to take efficient remedial measures.

The solution synthesizes data from multiple sources internal to the lender as well as numerous external sources in varying formats (structured, unstructured and semi-structured). Each data source is objectively tagged with a factor of reliability of source and credibility of information. Mosaik’s EWP is designed to provide an end-to-end 360 view of borrowers by aggregating relevant information of the entire value chain of the borrower and affiliated parties on a common platform. The EWP is also designed to monitor capital project performance during its implementation phases and provide predictive likely outcomes in terms of cost, schedule and quality.

The EWP incorporates rule based algorithms and enables lenders to undertake various kinds of analysis such as temporal, trend, sensitivity, sentiment, capital project performance etc. on their borrowers.

Advanced statistical and machine learning predictive algorithms are being built as greater availability of data and the platform evolves. Know More

A key feature of the Mosaik EWP is the ability to collaborate internally as well as with external service providers to request for in-depth market intelligence or commission a discreet site visit. Our investigation partners have extensive and deep connects in the local markets to enable us to provide intelligence to enable decisions.