Investigation Services

The Mosaik EWP has a built-in workflow tool to initiate additional follow-up investigations on a required basis. The basis of the follow-up is usually red-flags / indicia from any of the data sources relating to a borrower or key promoters of the borrower e.g., a company being embroiled in a litigation with tax authorities. Investigation could also be triggered due to inconsistent data e.g., stated revenue of the borrower for a particular reporting period (or a series of reporting periods) out of line with the industry average.


Realizing that in most cases, time is of essence, a dedicated team of resources is on call to quickly respond to any requirements. Mosaik also has a network of investigation partners with whom we can amplify our reach in specific expertise or jurisdiction. The client can choose to work with the investigation partners of Mosaik or integrate their existing partners and service firms to work on the collaborative platform.

Typical investigation done by our partners:

  • Integrity – Reputational investigations
  • Market Intelligence
  • Life-style analysis
  • Site-visit
  • Capital Project Performance Analysis
  • Forensic data analytics
  • Trade-finance fraud investigations
  • Asset Tracing
  • Bribery and corruption investigations
  • Conflict-of-interest investigations
  • Money laundering investigations
  • Bespoke Investigative Services